Levelized Billing

Starting in June, 2015, CVEC is converting to a Levelized Budget Billing Plan that will calculate a rolling average each month. The average will be based on the usage in the current month and previous eleven months. This will eliminate the peaks and troughs, smoothing out or levelizing the budget bill payment each month with a fluctuation of only a few dollars.

  • Formerly, members could only enroll in the months of May and September. The new plan will allow members to enroll any business day of the year.
  • Also, the former budget billing plan was an Equal Payment Plan; members paid the same amount each month regardless of their usage. Then there was a “settle-up” month when they would either pay or receive the difference in cost between their projected energy use and actual energy use.
  • If the member used more than anticipated, they would owe CVEC money. If they used less, then the member would get a credit. Some members would owe hundreds of dollars due to higher energy use and that did not serve them well.
  • The monthly amount due will round to the nearest dollar.
  • To sign up, a member must be a good paying account, with 2 or less late payments and no disconnects in the last 12 months. If you are a new member without any account history, you can still sign up for our Levelized Budget. Our system will pull the past twelve months from the location' s prior account.

Please be advised that your budget amount will be based on the history of the location and the usage of the previous owner/tenant. However, your actual usage will start being using in the average after your first month of usage.

Best of all, a Levelized Budget Plan is constantly adjusting so there is no settle-up month when extra money might be owed.




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