Serious Medical Conditions

If someone in your household depends on electrically operated medical equipment such as dialysis machines, oxygen machines, or heart monitors, you should contact CVEC to ensure that we have a Serious Medical Condition Certification Form on file that has been signed and certified by your doctor.

  • You can download the form here or ask CVEC to fax it directly to your doctor.
  • If you have a serious medical condition, please notify CVEC and the Co-op will provide you with a 10-day payment extension, if requested, while you are having the form certified by your physician and returned to CVEC.
  • Once the form is returned, you will be entitled to a 30-day payment extension from the date of your request.
  • You are entitled to two 30-day payment extensions per 12-month period, initiated by your request to CVEC.
  • The two 30-day payment extensions may be used in consecutive months.
  • For more information, visit the Virginia State Corporation Commission website.

In addition, this information will be available to CVEC's Outage Management System which will alert us that a designated household with electrical medical equipment is without electric service. CVEC will attempt to restore service as soon as possible, working in accordance with best practices and existing conditions. However, it may be advisable to seek medical assistance in extended outage situations.

In the event of a planned maintenance outage, we will attempt to contact you to ensure your health is not compromised.

CVEC recommends that the member acquire a backup power supply, such as batteries or a generator, for electric medical equipment as CVEC cannot guarantee uninterrupted electric service.

Email Member Services or call 800-367-2832.

SMC Termination:

When member wishes to terminate participation in the Serious Medical Condition program prior to the recertification period, please download this form, fill in all info above red dashed line and return it to CVEC.