Bucket Truck

Designs for Central Virginia Electric Cooperative's broadband fiber network have been approved and CVEC is commencing the make-ready process at the Appomattox substation. You can expect to see our red CVEC trucks on your land and in your area to complete the work needed to prepare the poles and infrastructure for the installation of the fiber.

CVEC linemen may need to de-energize power to the lines or to a transformer in order to safely make the necessary updates to the poles and hardware. You will see crews repositioning transformers, adding anchors to the ground near the poles and even replacing poles.

Fiber broadband will be offered by CVEC to its members through its subsidiary brand, Firefly Fiber Broadband. Members served by the Appomattox substation may expect to
sign up for broadband service in the fall and be connected by the end of January 2019.

CVEC is excited to take this step in improving communications and reliability across its system and for the opportunity the fiber will provide for members to have access to
reliable, high speed internet. While we don't have any further information at this time, please be sure to consult the Firefly Fiber Broadband website for updates during the
construction period at www.fireflyva.com.

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